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Mandy Nolan is a funny woman.

A stand-up comedian for well over 28 years, audiences adore Mandy on stage, and around Byron Bay where she lives, Mandy-jokes are as much a part of the vernacular as any surf speak.

Her humour is sharp, honest, sometimes self-depreciating, somewhat outrageous, but never cruel or pretentious. Frequently irreverent, it speaks to a diverse audience with no set demographic, no gender, race or religion, occupation or tribe.

Mandy’s stand-up is known and loved for its rapid fire philandering and esoteric observations that emerge from the musings of what she describes as ‘a woman whose dilemma it is to navigate the new frontiers in the suburban badlands of human relationships and traverse that darkly hypocritical abyss that exists between action and belief.’

One of Australia’s strongest female comedic talents, Mandy Nolan has honed the ability to bring a room to its knees, whether that be Melbourne’s Last Laugh, Gold Coast’s Comedy in the Basement, Brisbane’s Sit Down Comedy Club, the 2000 plus crowds she’s wowed at Jupiter Casino’s Laugh Your Pants Off Gala’s or the 800 strong function of women from VIEW club who all declared Nolan hands down the funniest guest speaker they’d ever had.

Nolan made her return to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year with three shows launching her latest comedic offering ‘Home Truths’ published by Finch Publishing. All three shows sold out.

A pioneer of regional comedy – Nolan created her own comedy Festival, and currently has 6 comedy rooms that she programs, promotes and performs at from the Gold Coast to Ballina.

But wait, that’s not all.

For nearly two decades Nolan has taught the gentle art of stand-up comedy to over 1000 aspirants, with successful protégés Hannah Gadsby, Ellen Briggs and Paul McMahon all featuring on the national, and international circuit. Nolan believes comedy has strong therapeutic value and has delivered several programs to Kids, People with Lived Experience of Mental Health, Grandparent Carers and seniors, who all found themselves on stage delivering 5 minutes of comedy, smashing stereotypes and reframing limiting social views.

Nolan’s most important work however is the unique Stand Up for Dementia, the  Humour Therapy she created for people with dementia that was developed with the assistance of  Commonwealth funding with research making its way International peer reviewed medical journals. Most recently Nolan was featured on SBS’s Insight for her innovative approach to working with people with high levels of dementia.

With her keen eye for detail and dark wit, Mandy excels in what she calls ‘a dangerous social autopsy!’ If you like David Sedaris and Jennifer Lawson, if you like outrageous observations peppered with intelligent insightful quips, then you’ll love Mandy Nolan.

Even Olivia Newton John couldn’t help falling a tiny bit in love with the big girl of comedy and regularly invites her to feature at her private functions.

‘Mandy Nolan is hilarious, with a wicked Wicked sense of humour!’

Thursday 26 October 

Headline: Jimmy Poulos
Support: June Hordin
MC: Mandy Nolan

Doors 7.30pm Show 8pm
Free Entry – 18+ Years

Jimmy Poulos

Jimmy’s website

Once upon a time, way back in the 1960’s…there was a little Greek boy named Demetrios Xanthopoulos, who lived with his family in Brisbane. When little Demetrios started school, he couldn’t help but notice most of the other boys and girls didn’t really look too much like him, or any of his family.
These kids were blonde, had two eyebrows, and none of them had moustaches! If it is true Australian children express affection with teases and taunts, then Demetrios was clearly a much-loved boy. And yet, he remained unbowed: calling forward the spirit of his Greek ancestors, he used humour as his shield, wit as his ammunition, and rapid fire delivery as a weapon.
This triad of skills became ever stronger as the years went on, and perhaps it was his ability at the verbal joust that led to social acceptance; mayhap ‘twas ‘getting the laugh’ that got him through… More likely though, it’s coz he changed his name…

June Hordin

What got you into comedy?

I was an Actress in Sydney for many years before I got married….mainly Comedy, farce and what we called Reviews …….a lot of Theatre/Restaurant work and 3and a half years in Boeing Boeing.

Have you always been ‘funny’?

I have always acted the Clown and told jokes and stories that I think funny.

Who were the comedians who inspired you or helped ignite that I would love to do that feeling?

Loved Lucy (Ball) then saw Joan Rivers and thought (I could do that )….Saw an Ad for Raw when I moved up here…wrote 5 entered and got into the finals……the year Josh Thomas won.

What reactions do you get from audiences as an older woman doing comedy?

Mixed reactions. Prudish people are horrified….one even said I was a dirty old woman.GP’s accept it as a bit of fun …..older more so than the young. I think the young don’t relate to it so well…one young girl even came up and asked me what incontinence meant…….PS  and you know what my daughter thinks!!!

What did you do before comedy ?

I was first an Artist then I won a Competition into modelling ….progressed into Acting then got married and ran a Horse Riding Ranch for 15 years When I got divorced I moved up here and wanted to get back into theatre…..Have done a few plays but they are all amateur.

How would you describe yourself?

A Character Actress.

how do you think the audience would describe you?

A Silly Old Bag!