Peter moved out from Sydney to Ballina in 2015. After 40 years of working the Sydney club circuit, playing, teaching and selling pianos, he decided the traffic had won and went looking

for his piece of paradise on the coast, Ballina was an easy choice.

Peter began piano tuition at age 10 and was playing professionally by age 15. He spent a year working with a band on the Whitsunday Islands before moving to Sydney to join top Australian showband “Custers last stand”.

He spent the next 4 years touring, recording and working the Sydney clubs making regular appearances on the Mike Walsh Show.

In 1980 he opened his own music shop and started teaching to compliment sales. Peter won teacher of the year awards twice in 1989 and 1991 for Sydney electronic music festivals.

Today Peter enjoys playing a wide range of music with easy listening swing being prominent in his repertoire.