What is the Artist’s secret that can drop the listener out of the mind’s chit chat into that place of surrender, where waves of sound wash away life’s grit to uncover those smooth stones that lie beneath the surface? Mattie B has the answer.

He does not take to the stage simply to entertain, he is there to offer his heart song with complete devotion to heal and uplift. Centered in his own truth, he creates a timeless space where every word and note can be felt, allowing the listener to connect deeply to themselves. While his hands massage the guitar playing the strings like silk, his voice has a slight raspy sob that ignites passion in your heart and a yearning to lose yourself in his vibration.

A multi-instrumentalist with years of touring under his belt in various bands around Australia, Mattie has found himself back in the depth of his own creative nature exploring the peace music itself offers to a listener, moving away from the general songwriting formulas that most others tend to follow.

A member of an international award winning group The Lamplights, Mattie playing Upright Bass, Harmonicas and Lap Steel Guitars, also accompanying on four-part harmonies which ignites the groups songwriting and onstage performance.

Mattie can truly emmerse you and pull you in to his musical world, he is a performer who wills you to feel your way through the musical journey with him, a musician who wishes you to feel as good as he does by being present to the flow.