‘TKG’ is headed by Trombone Kellie who is an energetic and entertaining performer. Show casing inspirational vocals and  raunchy / smooth melodic trombone playing, both passionate and versatile..

On guitar is Scrubby Pete, who’s old time blues feels are authentic to their traditional roots styles. Many years of performance on guitar and vocals make for great listening and his comical mischievous flair is endearing..

On double bass duties, more often  than  not is Justin Pfeiffer who’s driving, intuitive feels add much texture and flavour to the mix. The added colour from the bow and vocal harmonies build upon the kaleidoscope of sound..

‘TKG’ also entertain as a four piece with our favourite drummer to get the party started. Also offering trumpet or saxophone as a 5 piece for a duelling horn extravaganza..

The combining of these musically diverse, vibrant entertainers makes for a dynamic, spontaneous mixture of Jump Swing, Soul, Blues, Rockabilly, Gospel Blues, RnR, Originals and more..

‘Trombone Kellie Gang’ will get any voice box and dance floor humming all at the same time…