The 60’s and 70’s did more than just pass us by – they gave rise to the adolescence of a new world.   This legacy of peace, love and world vision was etched in stone by an amazing collection of songs and sounds that captured the essence of mankind’s most creative years in music.   Artists were bursting with a mass of creativity that has been unsurpassed.

Sharing a passion for the music from this iconic era that spawned so many enduring classic rock legends, four inspired musicians formed Late For Woodstock in 1998 to bring these classic sounds and images back to live audiences.

Advancing the mantra ‘Tune In, Turn On & Rock Out’ Late For Woodstock took their music to thousands of people at venues across Queensland and NSW and soon developed a loyal following as people began to rediscover that the music of the nostalgic Woodstock era was alive and kicking.

Faithfully recreating some of the best songs ever written, Late For Woodstock form a connection with audiences that now spans three generations.   The music they play captures the heart of an era and invites you to do the same.

Over the years, Late For Woodstock has amassed an extensive playlist which includes not only classic hits from the era but album track favourites by artists like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd, Rodriguez, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Peter Frampton, Neil Young, Santana, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed and too many more to mention (see Song List).

Sixteen years on and like a good wine, this band just keeps getting better with age.   Few bands on the covers/tribute circuit last this long but Late For Woodstock is showing no signs of slowing down.   Their longevity is testament to not only the unwaning infamy and popularity of the songs and artists to which they pay tribute, but their passion-fuelled performances and authentic sound which consistently leaves audiences stunned and amazed.

If you love any of the Artists to whom this band pays tribute and have wanted to see any of them perform live, do yourself a favour – get along to see Late For Woodstock and experience for yourself what all the fuss is about