When it’s a bit o’ the old Irish magic you’re wanting, sure it’s Jack O’Leary you’ll be after comin’ to see so it is. Well known and loved in his native Ireland, Jack is a gifted singer and story-teller who embodies the culture, history and passion of his people and brings it to life in song and verse. With the natural flair and charm of a true Celt, and a voice that can make you ache with the memory of a landscape you may never have seen, Jack O’Leary offers audiences in Australia a taste of the authentic Irish experience, performing both traditional and contemporary music from some of Ireland’s greatest and most beloved writers. (Northern Rivers News)

Jack works with a varity of musicans to create folk/Roots  duo that offer the audience a blend of contemporary as well as traditional songs and tunes. The duo have been collaborating for the last few years and whilst they are heavily influenced by the Irish tradition, bring a solid original approach to their musical style.Jack, a proud native of Ireland, reluctantly left its shores 3 years ago and lives here with his wife and two children. When asked to describe their music, their response is that their repertoire has grown out of a love of beautiful melodies; Taking embracing and elaborating and making them part of themselves.Jack has won several awards most notably for the egg and spoon championships when he was in primary school.