Col Germano, based in South-East Queensland, is an experienced musician with an interesting and colourful history.

As lead singer/songwriter for hard rock band Bourbon Street, Col has fared well during decades of travelling the country and playing rock n roll. His love for 60’s and 70’s classics has fuelled a drive to continue playing the music he loves with a variety of line-ups.

Currently active in three bands, (Bourbon Street, The Feramones, Late for Woodstock), Col also enjoys solo and duo gigs. His extensive repertoire of 60’s and 70’s classics includes songs from Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Rodriguez, CCR, The Doors, Stones, Zeppelin, Eagles, Chisel and many others of the era.

Known for his vocal versatility, Col has a flexible range and a tone that does true justice to the artists he covers. His love for rock’s most classic era has kept him active in the industry since the late 70’s. Audiences from all ages have an ongoing appreciation for these classics, and Col continues to perform cover versions of them with as much joy, dedication and enthusiasm as ever.

Whether performing in groups, duo or solo, Col always enjoys belting out the tunes he loves. His original music (5 LP’s in total) has garnered much airplay over the years, with his most recent album, Rooftop Therapy (2012), still getting airplay in regional Australia.

When it comes to enjoying an evening of authentic music over a meal and a few drinks, Col’s not a bad option!